The Soul Writer's Sanctuary with Hannah Gold

Your online home for heart-centred writing support to help you fulfil your goal of publication.
Bring Your Book Dreams Alive
If you’re 110% committed to bringing your book dream to life and feel impatient for this to happen, then I’d love to invite you to join my Soul Writer’s Sanctuary.

Not only will your book dream be fast-tracked with professional expert guidance and hands on mentoring, you’ll also receive loving support in a beautiful, nurturing safe writing circle. The Sanctuary is a place where your book – and your big shiny writing dreams – can finally come to fruition.

What is The Soul Writer's Sanctuary?
Accesible entirely online, The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary is an inner circle writing group designed purely for heart-centred writers like you. With Hannah’s expert guidance and tutition, you’ll find everything you need to help blast through any mental barriers, learn superior writing techniques and finally fulfil your dream of publication, whether that be self-published or via an agent.

Whatever your age, background, writing experience, genre or even nationality (as long as you are writing in English) you are welcome to join The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary and receive Hannah’s insightful advice and professional support. You also get accountability, goal setting, group coaching, live critiques and beautiful companionship from your fellow heart-centred authors and friends to be. If you want your book written and published then join today to receive all the beautiful opportunities awaiting you.

What Makes The Soul Writer's Sanctuary So Special?

The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary is a product of my 20 years of experience of helping aspiring authors get published, find agents and win awards. But whilst the focus is on results (and I have an amazing track record of getting people published for the first time), I also want to make sure you enjoy the journey too.

Writing a book can be lonely at times, it most definitely can be tough and it can be long – that’s why so many unfinished manuscripts lie in drawers the world over gathering dust. That’s why, as well as sharing all my writing and publishing experience, I also choose to focus on the mindset to help you release any blocks which are sitting between you and your dream.

Within The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary, as well as a huge library of resources to help you develop, hone and perfect your craft to a professional level, I’ll be your own personal mentor, cheer-leader, coach and support system making sure you nothing gets in the way of your finished book. Let’s take that dream and make it a reality.

What’s Inside The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary?

The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary will give you everything you have ever needed to see you write, finish and publish your book – to a very high standard. Join today and emerge feeling positive, confident and ready to step into the professional author you were born to be.

All My Programs & E-courses (past & future!)

The spine to the Soul Writer’s Sanctuary is Hannah’s 6-part webinar series, ‘Unleash Your Authentic Voice’ which covers everything you need to know about writing your book from start to finish. If you are just starting out, then her ’21-Day Writing Challenge’ walks you through the first 3 chapters. Any future e-courses will be added to the Sanctuary free of charge for members.

Monthly Group Coaching

Within your Soul Writer’s Sanctuary membership you are invited to take part in live group monthly coaching calls where you can ask questions and receive personalised advice and feedback from Hannah. This is not just the heart centre of the group, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to connect with the other members in the Sanctuary and to receive direct support from Hannah.

The Video Library

In The Video Library you will find 22 hours + of training videos on all aspects of writing, editing, publishing and marketing. This includes both fiction and non-fiction. This is the foundation of your writing support. Hannah also does a live video each week (Feedback Friday) which means you can get live, personalised on the spot feedback from her to help grow and transform your writing so its shiny and bright for when you send out to agents or publishers.

A Whole Bundle of Resources

As a member of The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary, you’ll also get exclusive access to every single resource Hannah has ever created. This includes meditations, visualisations, ebooks, cheat-sheets, writing guides, editing check-lists, how-to guides on marketing, self-publishing, writing a synopsis plus my little black book of literary agents. You will not find these resources anywhere else.

You'll Also Receive . . .

  • Jump straight to the front of the queue and get priority access to Hannah’s V.I.P. Sacred Writing Workshops AND also receive a member’s discount
  • Generous discounts to critiques, editing and proof reading services
  • Weekly goal-setting to keep you motivated and accountable and on track with your dream.
  • The opportunity to hear about writing competitions, agents’ pitch events, publishing open days and other key writing events
  • Access to 24/7 support within our private community where you can meet and befriend other Soul Writer Sanctuary members and give and receive advice, support and feedback.

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