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Since 1996 I have been helping aspiring authors get published for the first time win awards and find agents and the vast majority of people I have helped have taken up one of my 3 VIP publishing services at some point.

In truth, I have an outstanding track record of seeing people get into print for the first time and it’s one of my greatest sources of joy. Whilst the writing journey is often transformational and empowering, the end-focus has always got to be publication.

But, how do you get there and how do you know which path is right for you?

• What does an agent actually do and do you need one?

• What does an agent actually do and do you need one?

• Do publishers receive manuscript submissions direct?

• Should you self-publish?

• Do you need an editor?

I hear these questions all the time and I wish I could give you an answer which suits you. But, the truth is, there is no one-fit answer for all. Whether you seek an agent, decide to self-publish or opt for an editor very much depends on the type of book you have written and how ready it is for publication.

This is why I offer 3 VIP publishing services.
VIP because this is a crucial step in your publication dream.
And because of the intensive one-to-one support and tailourmade advice I offer.

Full Manuscript Critiques


My most popular and flagship service, my full manuscript critiques are an opportunity to get a professional 2nd opinion on your manuscript before you submit to agents or publishers, or if you need feedback and guidance between drafts.

A critique is different to editing, in that I point out the areas which need work (rather than correct them myself) and then empower you with the writing tools to do the changes yourself. Feedback is 100% unique to each client, but common issues are structural, characterization or pace. It’s not something which editing can really “fix” as the issues are more deep-rooted.

Who will benefit the most?

Perfect for people who know their book has a few issues, but can’t put their finger on them, or just for people who want that 2nd opinion before submitting. Critiques are amazing at getting to the heart of any potential issues with clarity and kindness. Critiques are particularly suited for first-time/new authors.

What do they cost?

On all basic critiques I will write up a separate written report flagging up all areas which need addressing, including but not limited to, charactisation, story arc, dialogue, pace, voice and how marketable it is.

On Advanced Critiques I write a separate written report and also include page annotations and comments on the actual document. This is an extremely through and personalized service.

  • Basic critiques start at £200 per 25,000 words.
  • Advanced critiques start at £275 per 25,000 words and include a free 30-minute one-to-one mentoring call with Hannah.
    Both basic and advanced critiques come with one month’s free membership in The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary.



Line editing means taking your finished manuscript and then polishing every sentence until it shines. This includes attention to punctuation, sentence construction, and grammar. It usually means tightening sentences to omit unnecessary words and a tiny bit of re-ordering of your sentences to aid clarity. If you have any clunky sentences then I will smooth them out for you and likewise correct any repetition. I’ll also tidy up dialogue if called for. If necessary I will also flag up any developmental issues as well.

Who will benefit the most?

People want their book edited before they self-publish or submit to agents or publishers. It’s ideally suited for the finished manuscript which doesn’t need much structural work. Usually, you will have written a few drafts already, shown it to your beta readers (people who read a finished draft of the book for you), perhaps had a critique and be relatively happy with how it looks.

If you think your book needs a lot of work, or no-one else has seen it yet apart from you, then I recommend a full manuscript critique instead. From editing, you are seeking the finishing touches and the gloss. People who come to me for editing either know they are weak at grammar, or just prefer someone professional to tidy it up for them and make their words sing.

What do they cost?

Line Editing costs 0.020 per word and comes with one month’s free membership in The Soul Writer’s Sanctuary.

Submission Package


I will read, and if necessary, edit or rewrite your synopsis, tweak the cover letter and edit and suggest any development changes needed in your opening 3 chapters. If applicable, I can give agent advice.

Who will benefit the most?

If you are ready to submit to agents but want someone to check and or edit your opening 3 chapters, synopsis and cover letter before you send out, then my submission package is ideal. Before booking this package, make sure you have worked, reworked and worked again on your manuscript and done the absolute best you can do. Ideally, you will have had someone read your full manuscript already.

What do they cost?


Ready to get Started?

To get started today on your publishing dreams today, click the button to get in touch and let me know which service you want. 

If you are unsure which service you need at this point, don’t worry, still send me a note and I will get in touch with you to give you a guiding hand.

I look forward to working with you and helping bring your soul’s voice to the world and your book to life.

Publishing Services Testimonials


“You have taught me how to banish my fears and tap into my soul to find my authentic voice. Your knowledge and feedback, along with the wonderful support of the group, gave me both the courage and the tools to just go for it. The course is so unique in it’s structure, and packed full of guidance – you have created something really special.”

Christine Lalouani

Author of Cherry Blossom in Paris

“I worked with Hannah when I wrote my book Remembering Perfection. I had the basic idea for the book but no structure or method to create something of value. Hannah’s approach really helped me work out what I wanted to say and how. I highly recommend working with Hannah if you feel you have a book inside you and no idea how to unleash it.”

Jessica McGregor Johnson

Author of Remembering Perfection & The Right T-Shirt

“I knew that my soul wanted to say something and so I got on board, what I didn’t expect was how much my soul needed the words. Hannah has created a beautiful and safe space for us all in the group to share and encourage each other to be who we are truly meant to be, to tell a story and to live the Hero’s journey. I would recommend Hannah to anyone who has the desire to write a book. I write every day now, for at least two hours, I didn’t know I could write a novel and it’s like the novel is writing itself!” 

Swan Treasure

Author of xxx

“Must share that I got goosebumps reading your advice on how to approach my work. It really resonated and confirmed that I made the absolute right decision in choosing you as a mentor. Well, let’s give credit where credit is due: Thank you, Universe for leading me to Hannah Gold!”

Gwen Anne Duffy

Author of xxx


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