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My goal in the Soul Writer’s Cafe is simple: to help aspiring authors of any ability, age and background fulfill their dream of publication, find agents, win coveted awards and get them into the bestseller lists. I do all this from a genuine and authentic heart-centered place so you will find my support is nurturing, gentle but also very effective.

My Philosophy

I believe good writing comes from the soul and that’s why I give as much focus to confidence and mindset as I do the practical writing tools. Sometimes authors need coaxing to bring out the best of their talents and that’s why I give you all the support you need to fulfil your dream of being a successful published author.

It’s this unique blend of inner world and outer skillset which has enabled me to get such consistent and successful results with my authors over the past 20 years.

My Approach

Mixing sacred and practical I offer a variety of ways to work with me. Whether you need help on getting started, or you’ve hit a bump in the road and need some mid-way support or even if you have a finished manuscipt and want professional feedback before you submit to agents or publishers.

The list of services I offer cater to almost any writer at any stage of your writing or publishing journey. And more importantly, because I recognise each author has a preferred way of learning, you can choose focussed one-to-one time, or join my Soul Writer’s Sanctuary for ongoing group support or come to one my live group workshops and meet me in person.

My Professional Background

• I spent 5 years as a professional reader for various high profile and reputable film & theatre companies.
• A reader is someone who reads all the spec scripts (the slush pile) and decides whether to pass them onto the producer or agent, or turn them down.
• I ran a writing group in the south of Spain for nearly 7 years – a group in which 100% of the members are now professionally published
• I’ve been traditionally published & I’ve self-published so I understand both options and am a #1 bestseller in my category.
• I am now an agented author and can walk you through your own submission process.

And between you and me, I also love dragonflies, the sound of an icecream van, hot summers by the sea and curling up with a good book in front of a roaring log burner.

“I’ve worked with Hannah on four books, to date, and I consider hers an essential role in my writing process.
Most writers have an inner voice. If you’re aware of it, you’ll know what I mean. It’s the voice saying, ‘Errr…this bit doesn’t work very well;’ or ‘Something’s wrong but I can’t quite put my finger on it;’ or at the very worst: ‘This is an absolute pile of poo and I don’t want to finish it.’

If you sense something’s wrong, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can see why it’s failing, so a critiquing partner, like Hannah, will give you the new perspective you seek.

After reading my work, Hannah sends me a report – always kicked off with lots of lovely ego-stroking words about the wonderful things in my writing (ahem!) and then she gets into the nitty-gritty of where and why it’s flagging, along with some suggestions to remedy the issues. It can be anything from a tiny problem I haven’t spotted to an almighty flaw in the character’s motivation.

ALWAYS, I go back to my project with newfound enthusiasm and increased energy to complete it.

So, I regard Hannah as an ally. Sometimes her comments instigate painful amputations; often they require a reworking of existing material; sometimes they just reassure me that I’m on the right track.

Whilst there is a small measure of anxious anticipation over what Hannah might say, the over-riding feeling is one of excitement because I know her insights will help me improve my work. And what author doesn’t want that?”

Rosie Dean - award winning author of Millie's Game Plan, Chloe's Rescue Mission , Vicki's Heart of Glass & Gigi's Island Retreat

My Writing Story 

Like yourself, I always “knew” I wanted to be a writer and, so I started my first book aged 9. This book was about 3 chapters long and ended up in the wardrobe. But nevertheless, a fierce imagination coupled with a passion for books inherited from my mother and my grandmother, stayed deep in my soul and by the time I got to be a “grown up” there was only one thing I wanted to be – a professional author.

And so out of about 500 hungry applicants, I got accepted for a degree in Screenwriting for Film & TV  – where I not only learned the craft and technique of storytelling but also where I met some of my closest friends. I believe it was this experience of being amongst like-minded authors which have always given me the urge to create supportive writing communities wherever I go.

Post University, my career threw me into the deep end of the literary world in London. After working in an actor’s agency, I then became a reader for Robert Fox (theatre producer) and The Almedia Theatre. I also worked as a reader for top-class literary agency who specialised in representing scriptwriters. (A reader is someone who reads the “slush pile” and decides whether to pass them onto the agent or turn them down.) It was here I learned the foundations of what to look for in someone’s writing and how to make objective decisions.

At the same time, I wrote a short film, which was shortlisted for the BBC’s 10×10 scheme and whilst I got through to the final 5, I was rejected at the final hurlong.

This rejection hit me hard. I was still young and hadn’t yet learned that rejection in the publishing industry isn’t personal. So, I decided to go traveling (another of my greatest passions), and via Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador I eventually settled in the south of Spain.


But the call to be an author never truly leaves your soul and after about 5 years of ignoring my heart, I realised I really ready to try again. This time, older, wiser and less sensitive.

Following a few magazine articles which I got published in both Spain and the UK, I managed to get a presigious writer in residence position in Sydney, Australia, a place I had always wanted to visit and so I spent 2 happy months there writing my debut YA novel, Voices of Angels.

This same novel found a publisher in 2012 and won an award the year after.

Imagine the day your first book comes through the post and you hold it in your hands. I promise you that it’s one of the sweetest moments in your life.

This experience taught me never to give up on a dream – especially one as heart-felt as writing your book.

Writing my first book wasn’t a straight road. In fact, I learned so many important lessons that I decided to set up a writing group so I could pass on my experience, wisdom and tips.

In time and despite lack of experience, every single member of this writing group went onto become published. Some have won awards and some make a full time living from their writing now.

This initial success with my first ever writing group propelled me to widen my reach. I started faciliating workshops, retreats and often taught one-to-one. I helped many more people find agents, get published and win awards.

And it’s at this point, just as everything was blooming, that I went and fell in love with the man of my dreams, moved back to the UK and had to leave it all behind.




But moving back to the UK provided me with a fantastic opportunity to help even more people get published. Rather than set up a local writing group, I used the internet boom to create a global platform for writers.

And so The Soul Writer’s Cafe was born!

These days I work with authors from France, Belgium, the US, Canada, Australia – even Russia! Wherever you are in the world, my commitment is to help you bring your book to life and fulfil your writing dreams.

I have subsquently written two more books and am on my third. And I know you can achieve the same level of success.


If you’re struggling with your book, or you feel knocked by rejections (or potential rejections) or even if you have a burning desire to get started but have no idea where to begin, then let me help you.

You can choose one of the options below to work with me directly. Or you can contact me for more information or just to touch base.

I’m always happy to hear from fellow authors like you.

With love,

Your Heart-Centred Writing Coach

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